Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Whenever I'm on break, I get the itch to clean something- mostly because I don't have the time to deep clean anything while I'm busy with school. So I had this grand idea to USE some of the products I bought duplicates for my kit! Brilliant right?! Okay, let me start by saying, don't judge how dirty my closets were in the before shots.. just look how clean and organized they are on the the other side! ;)

January is usually when people make this resolution to get their homes organized, which is GREAT because the Thirty One special is when you spend $31 you get the Hang-Up Room Organizer, Hang- Up Home Organizer, Hang-Up Family Organizer, Room for Two, Your Way Cube, or Your Way Rectangle for 50% off!!!

Moving on, this is what I did with my older products. 

The laundry room in my most cluttered place. The picture on the left is obviously the before picture. I used the Organizing Utility Tote to store all of my medicines. Grant it, I do have a TON of random medications that were purchased here or there as the cold and flu season came around. I folded the shoulder straps inside and wah-la, it held ALL of the medicines together in one area... not have fallen out into the laundry basket again. I did get rid of the cardboard boxes, and placed the canning jars other side in the next picture.  

On this side, I had bottles of hardly ever used cleaning supplies, bottles of craft supplies and other random things I might need once in a while, but never on a daily basis. So, I used the Large Utility tote. Let me tell you, you can fit some stuff in there! WOWZERS! I fit everything on the top shelf, plus things on the bottom shelf, and a little more in there .I really like how sturdy the sides are so I can keep staking things in there. I also used the Carry-All Caddy for my votive candles and oils. The box they came in became a MESS so this little guy came in quite handy. 

I forgot to give you a before picture, but this just shows you how convenient these Medium Utility Bins are. The top shelf, in Black Happy Dot holds all the products I use once a week (hair gel, moose, etc.) and also the duplicates I get when I catch them on sale.  I was able to organize all my hair appliances (curling iron, curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers) in ONE shelf!  And lastly, the bottom shelf holds all the other random junk...well not junk, Qtips box, wall flower bulbs, and other little things. 

Long story short, if you think you don't need anything from Thirty One, think again. You can find things in your house that need a little organizing and Thirty One has great products to do so! ;)

If you would like to place an order, please visit

Have a great New Years! 

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