Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Can Do It!!!! | Encourage

Confession: Life got crazy somewhere between February and April and I almost lost being a Consultant. :( Sadly, I know there are many other ladies who get wore down (finals, house hunting, keeping the family afloat) by everything else in life they forget to KEEP selling... but I'm back. I surprisingly made a great comeback and within a few weeks I was able to book a TON of parties, and recruit a few new friends. So, if you are looking for a few ideas, here is what I did:

*Create a Goal!
At first my goal was to just get a $200 party, then I realized that if I coached my hostesses and shared Thirty-One with everyone I knew, I could get some great things for my family with the extra money I earned!  While I had them in the back of my mind that I would really like to move up in the company, it didn't really phase me until I wrote them down! If you came to my house right now, you would see on a hot pink sticky note on my desk my goals for Thirty-One: *two recruits a season, *at least two parties, *$1000 in monthly sales! Let me tell you, starring at it everyday sure does make me more honest with myself about what I have done to accomplish these goals.

*Carry at least one Thirty-One item with you at all times!
I carry the Cindy Tote as my purse with a Varsity Scarf attached, the Timeless Wristlet as my wallet, and the Hang Up Key Fob on a daily basis. When I travel I make sure to use the Easy Breezy Tote. When I am working and pack a lunch, I use the (you betcha) Thermal Tote. For parties where I need to bring food I use the Fresh Market Thermal. At school, I carry the Organizing Utility Tote. Yes, I gave up my Coach purse for a few weeks but carrying these products have been a GREAT conversation starter!!

*Start Talking! 
I was taught not to talk to strangers, well now we're big kids! Start talking and sharing Thirty-One with EVERYONE! I sometimes get carried away, but every time I check out I say something about how I love how my Thirty-One wallet keeps me organized.... or if I'm grocery shopping I allow the bagging people to put all my groceries in the Fresh Market Thermal. They are often amazed at how much I can get in there. If I see another lady carrying a Thirty-One product, I always compliment her on it and we can usually strike up a conversation.

*Carry the Mini Catalogs with you!
This is probably one of the biggest for getting seeds planted! I have little clear cellophane bags (like favor bags) filled with a mini catalog, business card, two pieces of chocolate (or a Thirty-One pen) and the card shown below with my information on the back. You are more than welcome to print this for yourself. :)

* Listen for Clues!
Anytime someone says, "Oh, your bag/tote/any Thirty-One product is cute!" start talking about the products and how they can get them for FREE by hosting with a few of their friends! 

Whenever someone says, "I wish money grew on trees!", "I could use some extra cash.", "I need another job!", "Do you know anyone who is hiring?", "I need to buy ____ but we just can't afford it right now." or anything else where they mention needing money, I always tell people how fortunate I am to work with Thirty-One. Recently, I bought a newer car. Boy is she (Shadow) pretty. I always mention this to people, "I just got a new car a few months back thanks to Thirty-One!". When I'm at Target buying something I don't really need but want I say, "Thanks Thirty-One!". The clerk usually asks something about Thirty-One where I can tell her all about it! 

How much longer is it going to take you to walk into the bank to deposit your check? Usually, it's sooner and I've made some small talk about Thirty-One while I'm in there. Skip the drive through and go inside. Meet some new people, share your reasons for loving Thirty-One, encourage and celebrate your new friends! 

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